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Stands To Reason - text


They say our country's on the rocks and Britain's the greatest
They say the blacks get all the jobs. They say that they are lazy
A nice girl won't let you have sex. Enjoys it if you make her
The media all twist the facts. I read it in the paper

Stands to reason
You've heard it said so it has to be the truth
Fact or fiction. What's the difference. They say it's so
But think again. Repeat mistakes and it's never gonna change
And you never get the truth if you never ask yourself...What do they know?

They say all cops are bastard thugs. They're all a bunch of racists
The Scots are mean. The Irish mugs. At heart all men are rapists
Girls today they ask for it. I never touched your mother
And youngsters now are all on drugs. Yes, thanks, I'll have another

Stands to reason
Mark my words. Take a tip from one who knows
You will know more when you're older. They say it's so
But come again. Question it when you see it doesn't fit
And you never get the truth if you never ask yourself

So you ask me what's the score
Well, I can only say to make up your own mind
I'd rather see the whole world die than you or I believe a lie

What do I know?

We had it hard when I was young. We used to have such great times
A man took pride in what he'd done. You should have seen the breadlines
To get back to that golden age there must be unemployment
But kids today don't want to work. They're just out for enjoyment

Stands to reason
It won't change cos it's always been the same
People hating, people fighting. They say it's so
Do you believe that? Perhaps you do but it's only up to you
And you never get the truth if you never ask yourself...What do they know?

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