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It's all or nothing
That's how you've always been
All or nothing
With nothing in between
You can't compromise
You can't quit while you're ahead

You won't see reason
You think that's giving in
We try to tell you
But you're not listening
Now I realise
The only help you'll take

It's in your hand
The power to change
To make a stand
To come of age
It's in your hand

It's worse than pointless
To try to talk to you
You've made your mind up
There's nothing we can do
Gets worse every day
You'd think you had it planned
Throw it all away

[Chorus rpt:]
In your hand but you won't use it
Rather throw your life away
[Rpt above couplet]

It's all or nothing
So nothing it'll be
You see I've made my mind up
And I won't intervene

Throw it all away
Throw it all away I don't care
Throw it all away

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