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If I thought you could find a way
I'd tell you to go get lost
But why ask you to pay attention
When your brain can't stand the cost
Look at you
And the state you're in
Next to you
Even a brick is thin

You oughta scratch from the human race
You are a waste of a name
A waste of time and a waste of space
You've only one claim to fame
I don't like you

If a thought came into your head
It would die of loneliness
You rate absolute zero
No more and not even less
Look at you
Oh what a state
Next to you
Short planks are underweight


Annoyed, annoyed, No I'm not paranoid
Cos that would mean I have to care
And I couldn't be annoyed

You don't entertain ideas
You simply bore them
You couldn't find your feet
If you were looking for them
Looking at you
It's hard for me
Next to me
Is nowhere to be


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