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Good For Nothing - text


you're good for nothing
so watch your p's and q's
best keep your nose clean
and play it by our rules
mind your way and don't make waves
and you'll get used to knowing you're no use

you're good for nothing
you only waste your time
be a good neighbour
and get back there in line
throw no stones and break no bones
and watch while we pass by on the other side

good for nothing
you're good for nothing
and so you're gonna get
nothing for good

you're good for nothing
no matter what you do
you'll never make it
to get what you want to

just give your best and then take less
there's always someone to get the better of you

suffer in silence now or else
go work for others not yourself
don't make no noise
don't make no fuss
cause then you're the others you're working for
are us

how long?
how long?
how long will you wait for?
how long will you wait for good?

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