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Scams and lies and alibis
Are all your stock in trade
Spin me round, I'm upside down
And I don't know the date
I feel outsmarted deceived and deluded
Completely inverted and unaware
Of all the changes and most of the dangers
Yet I've reached the stage where I just don't care

I tried to believe in you
I was only deceived in you
So now I'll be leaving you
I guess I'll be seeing you

Subterfuge divide and rule
Are all your favorite games
Plans and ploys are basic toys
To realise your aims
I tried to hold on just try to hang on
Try to pretend we could get somewhere
But you're so intent on some pointless diversion
We soon reached the point where I just don't care


Well, if it ain't one thing
Then it's another
First you cut me cold
Then you're my long lost brother
But I know I can't go on much longer
With the way things are
'Cos I'm that much stronger!


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