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Don't blame the girl
She won't do you wrong
The veil she wears on her long dark hair
Mary would have done
Don't blame the boy
He won't do you wrong
The fist he shakes at the giant's face
David would have done
If you turn to face your fears
It will disappear, like it wasn't there
Don't blame them
They're just an illusion
Why chase the ghosts outside
Turn and see between your eyes
There stands the one you hide
So wait
Understand the world you hate
And go where the plate
Love will know the rate
Don't blame the child and don't blame the men
Don't blame us and don't blame them
Don't blame her and don't blame him
Don't blame the world and don't blame time
Don't blame the weather if it don't shine
Don't blame the sun if it makes you blind
Don't blame the stars that you can't touch
Don't blame the food if you gobble too much
Don't blame money if it don't grow
Don't blame the river if it don't flow
Don't blame the people that you don't know
Don't blame people who tell you to
'Cause in the end they're gonna blame you

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