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The Mad, Mad Moonlight - text


It was just like a dream, yeah a surreal scene, like a blue orange
I thought my senses had gone like I was writing a song about a foot-long syringe
(And she said : ) 'Hello dear, it's my party'
(And she said : ) 'So I hope you'll be smart, hee hee'
And I said : 'I don't know but I think I'll go fix me a stiff drink'

So I sat there and stared because at first I was scared of this female Tarzan
And while she talked with the apes about champagne and grapes, I approached her garden
(And she said : ) 'Now, now, don't try to leave me'
(And she said : ) 'It's unfair to deceive me'
(And she said : ) 'I could kill if you try to escape me, come upstairs, my friend, ooh'

Now I knew, I knew, I couldn't be that mean
So I tried, yeah I really tried to please her but she was a big big big big girl, big girl

Hurled out the door, it was becoming more of a test of honour
Would I go ? Would I stay ? Could I do it all day and be a certain gonner ?
(And she said : ) 'Now you're so young and tender'
(And she said : ) 'And don't be concerned with my gender'
'It was hard but I managed to send her way up to those, those fluffy white clouds, oh yes I did'

Oh take it close

Oh it was hard on the brain but I would do it again for the satisfaction
She weighed two hundred and three but that was OK by me, it was lots of action
(And she said : ) 'Shall we dance in the moonlight ?'
(And she said ::) 'It would be so nice on a June night'
And I said : 'If it's OK by you, I'll just sit here and take me a rest'

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