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Lazy stage-star wanna be a raver
You've gotta make it all happen insane
Crazy raver wanna be a big star
You wanna make it all happen again.

You want it easy but you don't understand
They'll crush your diamonds in a one-night stand
You'll be a biggie then you'll be nobody at all
So while you're there you'd better show us a ball
And wear your sequins or wear nothing at all
Take us to Heaven with our backs to the wall
The climbing's hard but it's easy to fall
Oh here's a monkey with a message for you all
Go be a crazy raver
Oh oh oh, go be a crazy raver.

Oh maybe lady wanna be my baby
Go to Heaven in your satin and lace
Crazy baby gotta dress so shady
Then come and meet me in some far-out place.

We'll go together like water and sand
Be seen together walking hand in hand
A pair of swells who've got nothing to do but romance
You'll be a rhapsody, the Belle o' the Dance
Become a stir and play the public nuisance
Ascend a stairway up to Paris in France
Become the lady of the Dietrich stance
Then pick the one of your nouveau fancy
And be a crazy raver
Oh oh oh and be a crazy raver.

Crazy, crazy, crazy raver
Doo bi doo bi doo ...

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