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I've been bored like the bears, lounging at the zoo
But this thing we've started, It is rare and new
I've seen the wooden bird, hang from your ceiling
The scars on your body, leaving me wanting
I have felt your fingers press against my throat
I've held my hand inside, your jacket in the cold
I done need some action too seriously
Alright here we go
One, the reason's fun, I mean one the reason's fun
I mean I ran the race and won
I've been up and I've been down, I mean operation found
I mean one the reason's fun, I'm gonna give you something fun
Take a pyramid. And it's three sides
We are standing there, On the bottom line
Where the sides they bind is the all seeing eye
This is the great seal. The great seal divine
The devil is in the details, if you are ready
The devil is in the details, if you are ready

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