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Was lookin' down town for a chick to lead me to the catacombs
She looked me in the eye and she asked me if I trade cocaine
Said, "ya let me down twice now lead me to the painted passage
I wanna fall down today"

I followed her around
Going underground, got me buzzin'
Looked me in the eye, I'm not gonna lie
It's not a sin
Don't she look nice?, she's the centre of her attention
I wanna fall down today

When I get down there, there's peopls paintin', fuckin' and dancing
The city sleeps above, I light candles in a wall of heads
There's panic in the air, police've found us here
We douse the fires
We fall down again

(Can you help me?)

Text přidala daniela1402

Videa přidali daniela1402, obladi

Graffiti on the Train

Stereophonics texty

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