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We Like It, We Love It (We Want More Of It) - text

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A ring on every finger, a girl on every arm
He drove his brand new Jaguar while talking on the telephone
He hung it up and said to me as he lit a cigarette
"Man, I've been up for seven days to get this deal all set
But now we're off to Vegas to lay our money down"
I asked him why he ran so hard, he laughed as he turned around
We like it, we love it, we want more of it, yeah we're having a ball
We want it, we need it, we live and breathe it, for the thrill of it all
We like it, we love it, we want more of it, it's never enough
We like it, we love it, we got to have it, gimmie gimmie all you got
Well now, the Dodgers were at the ball park and we were there to see
We had one game on the radio, another on TV
We raced 'cross town to catch the Kings and watch that hockey star
Then right back home to see the Lakers on the VCR
There's football on the satellite and soccer from Peru
I asked them: "Guys, you had enough?" They said: "Naw, this will not do"
We like it, we love it…
Now I got no strange addictions, I'm just a normal guy
I've lived a clean and healthy life…some don't believe me, why?
I don't know, but when it's magic and the crowd yells out for more
The boys and I, we start to laugh, we know what we're doin' this for
We like it, we love it…

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