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All In (Apologize) - text


It's easier to be the crowd, to just fit in and not stand out at all
To make a case for apathy, and never risk a thing in case you fall
And this is life and we all decide
The stand we take and this is mine

That I am not ashamed, wont walk away
Not trying to disguise, or ever hide the
Reason that I choose to be a fool
For the one who saved my life
I wont apologize

It's hard to walk a narrow road, and know that you might be the only one
To go where no one else will go, pressing on until the race is run
And this is life and we all decide
The choice is ours and this is mine

As for me, I am all in
As for me, I am all in, all in

I am not ashamed wont walk away
I can not deny

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All In

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