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Reset, Reboot, Redeem - text


Third millennium at boiling point
The world you know must be destroyed
Take my hand and I will lead the way
Caesarean reborn new race

Fleshbound rotting prison now outgrown
In the war against the status quo
Drastic measures called to rectify:
When the trigger pulse goes high you die

We will dehumanize the past so we can rise
At last we’ve returned to reset, reboot, redeem
You will be reborn as part of the machine
Reset, reboot, redeem:
So we will reform the flawed Humanity A.D.

Erase the primitive plague
Imperative remedy
The world will crumble and burn
In ashes our genesis

Fuck you!
Retarders of the progress of mankind
You are the anchor of the blind leading the blind
A brain-dead herd feeding yourselves into the grinder
Marching in line, primordial slime oozing along your decline
Fuck you!
Deniers of the beauty of the mind
You reign has finally reached the end of its time
A global recall of a faulty product line
There’ll be no override, no compromise in carrying out your demise

Beat the sacred cow of holiness
To a bloody pulp of useless flesh
Oh, Humanity A.D. it’s in your DNA to bleed:
As worm by man you will be surpassed

We have returned to reset, reboot redeem
You will be reborn

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