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Architects of Destruction - text


War! You draw up the blueprints for your perfect war
Offering scapegoats then offering to settle the score
Sowing the seeds for the witch-hunt, spreading your hate
Exploiting the fears of the masses to keep them at bay

Rising to power
Mounting the ivory towers
Behind closed doors
You are stroking your hard on for...
War! Perpetual war is the name of your game
Defending our freedom by taking our freedom away
The borders are closing as your brilliant plan now unfolds
A totalitarian police state assuming control

This was our world
This was our home
Left in the hands of your warmonger breed
Fucking the Earth till her womb starts to bleed
How could we forfeit it all
To your treacherous kind?
Architects of Destruction
Architects of Destruction
Engineers of the End

You feed us lies, feed us poison with every breath
Bring us plage, bring us war
Bring us famine and death
You're the self-fulfilling prophecy of your creed
You're the means to the end

War! The wheels set in motion, the pawns are in place
The lower class killed at a highly acceptable rate
Collecting your medals, reflect on the question ahead
How good is your business with all your customers dead?

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