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Heavy Metal Machine - text

You may believe it's thunder, roaring in the sky
Well, it's just my machine, together we will die
The engine's hot and heavy, I'm ecstasy
Nothing's gonna stop me, forever I'll be free
We explore all horizons
We're running now on top speed, with no foot on the break
And if you cross my way, it's only your mistake
And if you believe, you can stop this crusade
You better come here and catch me
'Cause I have decided to conquer this town
With my heavy metal machine, heavy metal machine
Lock up your daughters and kiss your ass goodbye
To bring you pain is my pleasure
To hear the engine roar like a tiger in cage
It brings me lust beyond measure
The smell of melting tires, bringing poeple to their knees
Now I am the king of this city, oh yeah
I set the world on fire, I am at the speed of light
Well, now this town will ignite

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