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Walk of Shame - text


Nine in the morning, who's singin the blues
In the hotel lobby, missing one of your shoes
With a handprint on your ass in the shape of a bruise

Puke on your hand as you reach for the door
Your bottle of schnapps falls onto the floor
You take one more sip as the concierge calls you a whore

No wonder then, every weekend is the same
Your vagina's still eighteen
Baby, stand up tall and walk that walk of shame
That walk of shame

Go on, girl!

Sun coming up, side of the road
You stumble from the bus all covered in load
Take a dump in the alley in the spot where your car got towed

Your friends all left, four hours before
Ran out of coke, went looking for more
While you were doing ass to mouth on the tour bus floor

No wonder then, every one night stand's the same
It's the "hide that sausage game"
Baby, smile real big and walk that walk of shame
Walk of shame!

Baby, suckin' lots of dick is so rock n' roll!
Suckin' lots of dick is so rock n' roll!
Don't have to be a fireman to ride the poll!
No amount of respect is gonna save your soul!

When many moons pass, your tits grow long
But your pussy don't ever stop craving the dong
Now a bunch of old folks gangbanging doesn't seem so wrong

You grab a couple ol rockers, have a ménage
Your beat up old tits, get a cum barrage
While Satchel and Stix do the walk out of Lexxi's mom's garage

Fuckin' Lexxi's Mom is so rock n' roll!
Fuckin' Lexxi's Mom is so rock n' roll!
She takes 5 inches up in every hole!
She likes to rock n' roll on that rock n' roll poll, yeah

She [ ? ]
In the D.P. hall of fame
For Stix and Satchel it's worth that walk of shame

Put your guy-liner on and walk that walk of shame
That walk of shame
Yeah, oh yeah, baby don't complain
Just walk that walk of shame

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