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A grim and telling overcast loomed dark and low
Above the bay of seine
But not the true and final destination for the
Souls of fighting men
Winged and seabourne raiders charged to breach
The great atlantic wall,
Every able man would proudly come to heed their
Homeland's duty call

Their spirits still drift in the air from
Carentan, out to the shore
Will future history books remember rightly, june
of nineteen fourty-four
From purple heart, to cross of valour, battle
Star and iron cross
We must raise a glass and toast their memories,
And reflect on what we've lost

Assault came from the air and sea, and from a
Land enforced to live unfree
Shackled from the way of live that give the
Right to peace and liberty
Shore positions fortified with battlements built
Solely to defy
Infernal rain of fire when every second life was
Granted or denied

Ohama gold Utah Juno and sword
The bloody terrain of the plan overlord

For every father and son and brother that fell
From the afterworld came a normandy angel
For every war story grandfather would tell
By the fire beside him, a Normandy angel

For every father and son and brother that fell
Each of them became a Normandy angel
Within every survivor that escaped that true hell
Resides in their heart, a Normandy angel

This embattled shore, portal of freedom
Is forever hallowed by the ideals
The valor and the sacrifices of our fellow
The whole earth their sepulcher
Comrades in arms whose resisting place is known
Only to go
To these we owe the high resolve that
The cause for which they died shall live

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WWII: Metal of Honor

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