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Steel will break the ice
As the next man
Falls into the trap
Of frosted lands
And barbaric tribes
Ambush unseen
A blight returns
From a wizard's hand
Somewhere beyond
Travel the plains
A nomad made of hope
Lost in his dreams

Wait for what is next
Leaving all behind
Like prints in the snow
More mountains pass
Like the victims
Slain in your defense
Blood paints the ice
A crimson frost
Remains under your feet
Through hordes of beasts
To the other side
Out of the blight

The land cannot be tamed
The madness will survive
Here for all time
You're freezing cold
Numbness to the bone
Can't feel the wounds
The senses fail
Mustn't fall asleep
And fade Away
You fight to live
On your hands and knees
Through this wasteland.

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