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Return to Mithril Hall - text


On the road to my anciend home
Ancestral caves of precious stone
The paths rich with mithril mines
Silver streams are flowing inside
Our whole clan was driven out
By scorching breath of the dragon's mouth
The evil spawn from dark lands below
Taken all i was once to know

Forced to live by the icewind dale
Anvils struck till the body's frail
The time will come to avenge my kin
Waiting for the day we rise again
I'll be king the fools be shown
Rightful heir to the mithril throne
I shall end the dragon's reign
And cast the evil from whence they came

Precious stone
Silver streams
Winding paths
Filled with screams

I have found my ancient home
And broke the seal to the ancient stone
Nothing's changed of the winding halls
It remains the lair of the dragon's calls
The time has come to stand and fight
Down the gorge as black as night
On the spine of the beast i go
Our doom awaits at the caverns below.

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