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She lifts her head up in the morning
Well, she don’t care what’s the time n’ place, yeah
She puts her clothes on n’ she’s wondering
How to get something to eat

Now she’s so far away from home she’s all alone
Now n’ then she does regret
But why she packed her bags n’ closed the door behind
She had to prove something to the world

You will know her face by her smile
She is on her own n’ she’s fine
You can find that girl in your mind
She wants to do what she likes
You know that she just had to leave…

The safety of her room covered with pictures
Of the band that she holds so dear
She just had to go on to the road
N’ find the idols who she loves
Now she feels free

You will…

…she just wants to be free

When she comes back home
She is little sad but after all
She found her star
Who used her innocence a bit too far

You will…

…she is glad she did what she did

Text přidala RonnieSt

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Stala & So texty

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