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Men who can't love are so predictable
Break your heart like they cross the street
Show you their wounds and make you vulnerable
Make you feel they really need you
Men who can't love will win you over
Casanova, he had a plan
Run you round, then he run you over
Run you out, maybe come back again
He will lead you to the higher ground
Tell you secrets that will make you whole
Leave an address where he can't be found
And a promise that will leave you cold
But he will feed you if you come around
Men who can't love will leave you lonely
Grow so distant, and be downright mean
And if you ask him, "Can we talk about it?"
He will answer, "Let's not make a scene"
Men who can't love hate to admit it
Make you wonder if it's all your fault
Women who fall have got their reasons
Make you guilty cause they love too much
If you tell him you could fall for him
He will say he doesn't want you to
And if you tell him you don't wanna go with him
He will make you feel it's somethin' you should do
He will make it so you just can't win
He will call you when you're almost home
Drag his voice across your mainline
Tell you everything'll be different
Just when you thought you had an answer
Women who love, you best be careful
Hide your purpose with your charity
Women who love - they make me nervous
Stay away, child, don't you mess with me
He will leave you out in "Nowhereland"
Searchin' for a man you never knew
You're a stranger in a foreign land
And there's nothin' that a girl can do
He will lead you out to "No Man's Land"
Start a fire that you can't control
Lay a minefield of impossible demands
Cross a border that you can't patrol
And tell you everything is in your hands

Text přidala Maribel

Happy blue

Billy Squier texty

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