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If you hate me less I'd love you more - text


I'm havin' a daydream - Thinkin' of how it might have been
If we had not gone and lost our way (reads like a tragedy)
More than a memory - I have lost a part of me
I'd only just begun to know (and it's taken such a long time)
Your daggers wound me deeply
But if you would hurt me less I'd soothe you more
I would give myself so cheaply
If you could hate me less I'd love you more
Sister have mercy - come to me, take my hand
I am such a long way from home (and I'm cryin' out)
Love is a mystery - as the silent scream of loneliness
Is ever wont to know
Does suspicion rule unending
If you'd only doubt me less I'd trust you more
There's no use in our pretending
But if you would hate me less I'd love you more
Fear is the enemy - hurt and anger take their toll
They leave their mark on you (they mark me too)
Immune to your feelings - consciousness is blockin' the door
Did I tell you you are not alone
You're so anxious to condemn me
But if you would judge me less I'd serve you more
I don't want you to defend me
But if you could hate me less I'd love you more
Do you have to be so angry
If you'd only ask for less I'd give you more
Do you really wanna hang me
f you would hate me less I'd love you more

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