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The Axe Has Now Fallen - text


The axe has now fallen, prospects are cuter
I’ll distill the thoughts that remains still polluted
By reasons and actions and embalms of living
To end all the story until the next thing is

The door is now closed, the room remains hotter
It is nine hours of time that’s exhausting
The black cap is worn by the blue executor
We said there’s a myth of a past for the future

The axe has now fallen; the spell is long-lasting
But now with this potion lies there in the basket
Along with the things that are coming between us
We cut off the trip of fountain through Venus

Apple of the world that successfully tortured
The mold of the apple is left in your orchard
Decisions, decisions, it’s all been decided
We’re much into future I feel so excited

The axe has now fallen, I’ve restrung my feelings
It’s fun in the past I’ve seemed so mistreated
And when it’s all over, I’ve meant my nose picking
Send them to you for your fairies in thickets

The axe is falling, the axe is falling, the axe is falling
The axe is falling, the axe is falling, the axe is falling

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