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Someone Else's Heart [Bonus Track] - text

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I got nosy and I read her letters
I read her diary it's the same story and nothing better
The words remind me of someone else's heart
Has gone and left a mark
And the pop music plays
On the local radio
There's people on the streets but no one that I know
And like my heart is now
I know not where they go
Same words different meaning
Same heart different feeling
So much for him so much for her 'cause that's past
Now I know about that someone else's heart
She got nosy and read my letters too
And my notebook surprised to find that
Love is not so new
So we both took
Someone else's heart
And walked it through the dark
A feeling so rich
I turned around to laugh
We had both indulged in each other's past
To find out that our love
Was true enough to last

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