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Everybody Knows Sh*t's F*cked - text

Everybody knows shit's fucked
I don't give a good goddamn
Your Uncle Sam is a motherfucker
I don't wanna see him again
Have to pretend
Count to ten
You blew up your towers to justify a war
I don't really care what your arms are for
More money on defence fuck hospitals
Fuck human beings
Fuck humanity (4x)
The country I was born in sold its soul to you motherfuckers
Now you patrol both sides of the border
No, I don't wanna listen to your order
New World Order New World Order
Haven't got anything to lose
40 years old half dead
Got a noose in my hands
Somebody gave it to me
I don't want it
No, I don't want it. NO!
You patrol both sides of the borders (2x)
Everybody knows Shit's Fucked (rpt)
There's no explanation for the third building
Falling Toppling Extinct we sing
Is what we are as a race
If we don't face the fact
The government fucks us up the ass
Creating another Pearl Harbour
Killin' its own kind
What for?
I don't know motherfucker
I guess money's on the mind

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