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When I was a kid we only had 4 channels on the TV,
Yep- 1,2,3 and 4.
And if you couldn't find a channel that was playing The Simpsons then you were probably calling for your friend next door.
I remember the first album that I bought.
I memorized the sleeve and I listened 'til I was completely over it.
But it's sad I don't remember the title or the artist of the first song I ever downloaded.
I remember seeing my first mobile phone,
And being completely obsessed with Snake,
School's biggest threat was calling home.
Selling cans for 50p on my lunch break.
I remember when LOL meant 'lots of love',
And there wasn't such a thing as a selfie.
I remember the late nineties when suddenly they realized that Pot Noodles weren't healthy.
D' you remember AOL?
D' you remember your dial up connection?
Remember MSN and MySpace and Trojan horses,
And your pop-up anti-virus protection?
Remember the freedom of coming home from school,
And knowing that you only had to do your homework.
Able to forget some of the names that had stuck,
Some of the names that kinda, made you feel hurt.
And then you sent a picture for a laugh or to that lad,
Just to get a little bit of attention.
Now you've just had to explain to your mum and your dad,
Why it's on Facebook and in your Twitter mentions.
Then you see those names again,
Those ones that you hate,
Just forever turning up on your timeline.
In the morning you grab your phone and check as soon as you're awake,
So it's always gonna be in your eyeline.
You got far less time to be a kid,
Matter of fact you probably feel like the timer has started.
So, take some time to fall out with that very best friend you never thought would be the devil incarnate.
Camp on the hills and forget your tent.
Regret every decision that you make at fifteen.
Watch the prices go up in your local shop,
I still can't believe that Freddos are more than 10p!

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I Hope You Don't Mind Me Writing

Lucy Spraggan texty

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