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Sporty O - Let Me Hit It (Audiostalkers Origi.. - text

The music got her to
Make her body move
And when a body move, a body groove, a body oh
It got me feeling like
I wanna take her home
But I've been drinking like
I might not make it home
She got that body language when she strut her stuff
She a bad girl and I can't get enough
Don't stop, get it girl
Rocking with the rhythm girl
Morning fun, type one night
Let me hit it, girl
Hit it girl [?x]
Hit it [?x]
Drop it
Mm, yeah
Body move [4x]
I'd really like for you to be my private dancer
Her body smoking
Did she die from cancer?
She dancing hard
Hard as good crack
More fucking hook back
Back [?x]
Hook back
Back [5x]
So if you with it girl
Then won't you roll with me?
Her body language had me hotter than a stolen jeep
Cool me off, baby
I need an ice pack
The way she bended over and touched her toes
I really like that
Fucking rock it
Fuck [?x]
Fucking [?x]
Rock [?x]
Rock it
Drop it
Let me hit it, girl
Mm, yeah
Body move [4x]
Drop it
Hit it
Mm, yeah
Hit it [2x]
Body move
Rock it
Body groove
Rock it

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