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We Were Together Once - text

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It's hard for me to breathe, smoke in the air
I hope that you care
Oh, I hope that you care
See I don't wanna live off these memories
Baby, don't you know that we were meant to be
Sat in through the place I can see you
Got no where to go I can leave to
Can't you see I need you
Baby, let me please you
See I've been smoking on my own
You see me smoking on my own
I'm in the forest all alone
6 feet underneath this snow
Hiding, I've been, creeping through the night
Your face is always on my mind
I'm wasted losing time
I'm wasted losing mine
Can't breathe when you fall asleep
Can't remember what you call me
Remember what you call me
Baby won't you call me?
You left me here, I'm not alive
Oh, Baby, I'm about to die
Baby, I'm about to die
Oh, yeah

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