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Your touch is so cold
Your fingers so numb
Seems I can't believe It's what I've become
You know my face
You know these words
Never gave a fuck if I was getting hurt
Only when I'm blind do you fuck with me
Girl you only see what you wanna see
So sexy, luckily
All this pain running through my fucking veins
Yeah to you, bitch,It's only just a game
Pull the trigger, know exactly where I aim
Pull the trigger, put it right into my brain
Through the night, creepin' with chu girl
Can't seem to get enough of those curls
Oh take me from this world
Oh take me from you girl

I'm so blind now I'm calling you
Can't you see that I've been falling through?
Why else would I bother you?
Girl you know just what this bottle do
Tryna find my way through my fucking heart
I'm always endin' up with you in the dark
With you in the dark,aye
Why you so sad when you see me here?
Don't you like my music baby?
Don't you wanna hear?
Tryna make it happen in my fucking year
Don't that make you wanna move near?
You break me down but I'm keeping up
Girl you know that I'm the only one
See I'm the only one

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