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Spooky Black:
I'm alright, now I'm down so low
Heats my skin, begin my toll
Wait till you see my glow
Oh, oohhh
Ready for it?
I’ve been movin', movin' to my hindrance
Copin' to even exist till I flip that thing
I tried, I tried, tried

Bobby Raps:
Until the allusion, keep myself distracted
Come to the conclusion, I feel satisfaction
That's why I don't get my hopes up
So I don't get disappointed
In it for the long haul
I just wish I could enjoy it
Hard to believe in the Garden of Eden
When a daughter of demons, swallow my semen
Don't bother repeating it
What if all this is just a waste of time?
Hell is just outside, Heaven is a state of mind
Don't know why I feel so strange
Change, change, these changes, ch-change
These changes...
Spooky Black:

Close my eyes
I'll take this pain
To underneath her veins
As it once was
Just like it was once was
Bobby Raps:
Fuck what you said
Feels like somethings eating my head
Permanent family, I dread
Walking around, I'm drowning
I'm down in the depths, there ain't no part of me left
Blame it on my chemical balance
Probably cause the smoke in the air
Feel like I'm already dead
Bitch I am already dead

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