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Spooky Black:
See this confidence ain't getting to my mind
I can see you crossing fingers, I ain't blind
Already try so many times
Hold on to your feelings, I'm'a watch them die
See I ain't switching lanes
Now I've tried to explain
But there's no point trying to change you
Fuck your money, fuck your fame
Fuck your money, fuck your fame
Bobby Raps:
What's more to life than a couple of thrills?
Back of my mind, what if none of it's real?

[?] you know how it evolve
When it’s time to go, I guess it’s time to go
Fuck I look like?
I don’t do what I’m told
I don’t need to get saved, I put that on my soul
Need to get you a grip
You don’t got a good hold
Spend a new day getting old
The only thing that sucks is forgiven in time is the weather
Forever, I’m stuck in the cold
It’s only getting colder and colder
And faster and faster
And when I first realized it, it was like a natural disaster
And after I've passed on
I hope they roll up and light it
And ash in the casket
Because none of this matters
I don't think none of this matters
What's more to life than a couple of thrills?
Back of my mind, what if none of it's real?
See it’s obvious that you can’t play your part
I knew I never should of tried to take your heart
So insecure about me now
Stay and at least try to make it to the top
Think you got me figured out
Only thing i can do now
Is take it releasing the doubts
You think that i want that

Spooky Black:
Say why I’m closed
Can’t believe what you don’t fucking know
Best believe I’m never sure
So you were so effortless
When the mirror got you cold
That you won’t need to whistle out

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