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Break My Heart - text

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Baby how you gon' do this to me
I know youre missing me, baby we got history
Of you kissing me
You're beauty like the sea
You're my mystery
My mystery
I ain't gonna act hard for you girl
I ain't gonna buy cards for you girl
Baby let me into your world
So I can show you how I thought you were
Got me sleeping in the dark
Where you put me apart
Making every mark, lighting every spark
Baby break my heart x3
Its lil spook
Got my blood on a switch blade
Girl look at what our kiss made
I thought that I could be saved by you
Never thought id be betrayed by you
Girl you can take my life
As long as its your knife
Im alright
Just let me say good night one last time
Before you close my eyes
38th degrees below
Slipping in the snow
I just wanna know if you wanna be my beau
Trigger to my head
Let it go
So I can see how you really know
How perfect you are
Concealing your scars
How perfect you are
Baby break my heart

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