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The Way You Want Me To Be - text


i know your heart is bleeding,
and all you can do is cry.
the words you keep repeating,
you think the truth is a lie.
you don't understand why,
the world is coming to an end.
you think that God is deceiving you,
and you wonder, where he is.
what's the world gonna be like,
if you don't have a friend?
i wish that i could be, the way you want me to be,
and i wish that i could see,
the way you want me to see,
i sit beside my body, tears falling from my eyes.
i try to grip my fear, but i can't realize,
ripping, tearing, screaming and crying,
back to my body,
where it is slowly dying,
i wish i could show you the way,
without the paths that lead you astray.
i lift my hands to God because he is worthy...

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