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Stupid People - text


Here they come again, pushing us down and pushing us around,
we’ve gotta get to our feet again,
they think they can have their way,
pushing us down and pulling us astray,
back to the start, back to the way that it was before,
back before, we pushed them out the door.
Stupid people, where you gonna go stupid people,
don’t you have a soul,
stupid people where you gonna go, go, go,
never want to see, people stuck in history,
they’re stuck in the past, never looking ahead,
never want to see, people stuck in history,
they were knocked down,
and never got back off the ground, here they come again.
No matter how hard I try, I just can’t take the pain,
I try and try to hide this pain inside,
but there’s nothing for me to gain,
I receive insults from people I don’t even know,
why do they think their better, we may never know.

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