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Call of the Youth (ft.Ari) - text


I found sound along this road.
i found my soul.
little did we know we are not alone.
you can feel it, you can feel it when you breathe, when your heart beats.
its the sweatest disease.
we don't need your money we don't need your gold.
we just want your lessons, your stories be told.
in our darkest hour we will light these streets truth be told here us sing.
X 8 hey ya ya yaa yaa yaa, this is the call of the youth.
Youth is wasted on the young, young are wasted on the times, time is wasted on a clock that never stops and can't rewind.
It's like trying to show the blind how to read between the lines it's a message to the youth don't ever give up on the grind, I'm a high school dropout, kids listen when I'm speaking guess the system had it backwards I'm the one that should be teaching huh?
Yea so every verse is for my doubters, I treat em all like ghost and they can't take the spirit out us NO!
We will light up these streets let my voice be the flame ima light up this beat burn.
To the elite tell em stay in they place, till we force em to quit, command option escape
X 8 hey ya ya yaa yaa yaa, this is the call of the youth.
If I could teach the youth a lesson I would tell them to go and count they blessings, sometimes that message is more like a question, like where can we run?
Where can we go?
When our backs against the wall and the musics all we know, and a smartphone makes us dumb, cuz my brain works less then my thumb, should I teach this to my son?
Or should I save him?
from the world that made him?
or ride it out and show patience, I guess I'll use that like motivation.
Until then you can catch under these late nights, bleeding under these stage lights.
See I do it all for my family do it all so my fans can see give back what they give to me, reciprocate that energy calling out and they calling me, and all I hear is...
X 8 hey ya ya yaa yaa yaa, this is the call of the youth.

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