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One man can live his life
Between grief and glory
Choosing a way to walk
No matter what it takes
And at the final step before
The greatest journey
Then only he could see the
Deeds he leaves behind

One nation starts to grow and
Walk through the ages
Creating history that no man ever doubt
Times when the dark was thick
And life was out of value
Lights of democracy where
Bright around the place

And they lived in harmony
Changing course of history

In the meantime troops of darkness
Start to gather round
Magnetized by your brightness
Land of living gods
And they live in misery
Building walls, what irony!

They want to steal from Macedonia
The Macedonia

Never gonna get you and I
Believe that you know

That I’ll be killing what
They’re dreaming
And I hope you’ll understand
Time to see

Never let the lizard to be
Near to you
Because the lizard changes
And it’s trying to take in you

Then one day your son will rise
Father of our land
Leader and protector of the Macedonians
Troops of lions on his side
March against the walls
Crashing down the puppet
Leaders and their dirty world

Even though you’re ages older
I can hear your laugh
Cause they want to live your future
People with no past

But you’re dressed in blue and white
Like the colors in your sky

The one and only Macedonia

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