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Gates of Fire - text


On the day of no tomorrow
As the sun refused to shine
On this bloody field of freedom
No one cared about bad signs

Three hundred souls, sharing his name
Against all odds defying pain
And as their king raised high his blade
A shout from hell the mountains shacked
We’re here to stay, behold your grave
No other way

In the gates of fire, we fly
With the flame our spirit high
Through the gates of fire we…

Now the rainy clouds are gathered
But no sadness in my heart
Cause I’m standing by my brothers
And the storm is yet to come
They march like roaring mountain high
We cut them down, one blow to die
They keep on coming all around
It’s me and all against…

In the gates of fire we fly
With the flame our spirit high
In the gates of fire we fly
Through the gates of fire we die!

And as your blood is running
Down on the dusty field
See all your brothers smiling
They welcome you to eternity

We walk! We die!!

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