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Everlasting Love - text

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Another day is fading away
The shadows are crawling back
The painful light of the sun
Gone bellow at last
And all the creatures of the night
Slowly arise again
Behind the curtains of the dark
Another kind of life
The endless search has started again
I’ll turn the world once more for her
She, she’s my everlasting love
Love that no one understands
Centuries covered with pain
She, she’s my everlasting love
So much time without her
I can’t die till I find her
If I could die for her life
For me would be easier
Instead of this a traitor’s lie
Took her down to grave
And since that day my darkest sight
Rose from my wounded soul
The pain unbearable revenge
Turned me undead
I feel she’s calling me again
I’ll run the world once more for her
No can’t you see
No can’t believe
She, the light in my life
Light’s been taken away
It’s too dark
Can’t stand the pain
So much pain, no, no!

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