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Seeping Shadows - text


I know it's just too painful, can't face another day
Tethered to your tragedy, you loaded mental bomb
Tortured soul through the glass you deceive them
You don't fool me-the mask you wear is all too clear

Electric shock therapy - we'll slight fry you till it stops
Electrify your energy - tortured soul let evil rot

Gray clouds follow you - make for your rainy day
Dark vibes seep from your body
When you're near they rain on me too
Seeping shadows, shed them - but not on me
Lay them to rest.

Cold and unforgiving, this test of will
Got you in a vice, constricting like a serpent
As you labor for breath, realize it worth the test
Electrify your energy - these seeping shadows
Dark clouds follow you.

Seeping shadows dark vibes follow
Seeping shadows dark clouds follow
Visions of Armageddon in your head
Make change the hand of fate
From the future foreseen
With the help of forces unseen

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Video přidal paja65

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