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Never Time - text


We need to think about it and listen to the rain.
Symbolic of our life now,
water rushing down the drain
We'll take on all creations - birds sing an ancient song
We'll ride on through the forest
-the mighty oak is king
We'll take it nice and slow 4x

I envision in my head, the way it ought to be.
They're speeding up our lives never taking time
(never time) 2x

We're victims of the system,
skyscrapers are the shrines
No time for peaceful living
Always focus on the race
I still see hope's horizon in the vision in my head
Travel like the air these words
Meant to help you live for granted they'll be taken. 2x
On and on and on
Never thought I'd make it through this time.
Never thought I'd own piece of mind, no lie.
Not willing to sacrifice my life
For the greater bottom line
Your due, your due your time in the sun

I envision in my head the way it ought to be
Travel like the air these words
meant to help you live, for granted they'll be taken
Speeding up our lives never taking time (never time)

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