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Cut You Loose - text


Oh better days beyond the gloom that lingers
Trust in your faith; believe in change your way
But I must leave you this
A one fingered salute
Just have to cut you loose

Isolation is cold; you kept us empty you know
You've got to know you did us wrong
Took advantage; dehumanized
Isolation is cold

I waited too long to be where I am
You kept us empty; we're starving for the truth
I cannot accept the shit you're trying to send
Tool of survival, tool of deceit
A simple gesture is the way it's got to be

I don't believe a thing that you say
Because your beliefs have crippled your brain
But shame on me, 'cause my conscious is in tow
And pardon me if I harden my heart
It took many years of conditioning
But you seem to think I need to be a martyr for you
Well I'm at peace with myself;
yes I'm at peace with myself
And it starts when I ct you loose
That's the way it's got to be
Is it right to leave you cold
Damn right we'll let it fold
Got to cut you loose
Freedom never felt so good

Got to cut you loose you loose you lose
Now we'll dawn our separate ways
With head high, I thank the heavens
Cutting ties was never so good

The mighty troll belongs on the other side
We'll cut the rope watch and wave good-bye

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