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Wake Up And Fight - text


Please, listen the call of thunder
Your God praise your hand
Take the sword with power
Give us your hot blood

Take your horse and go
In the valleys and rivers
Run for your destiny
Fight and feel the glory

Knights wait for you
To the battle of light
Travel the track in the forest
Spit on the grave of your enemies

Hot steel to forge
Your brothers praise your courage
Brave warrior in battle
Your name's immortal

Wake up and fight
A dream of the light
Take your sword with fury
Wake up and fight

Wake up and fight
Living in the night
To see the bright of sunlight
Wake up and fight

Believe in the future
Pray for those that left
Leave a cross in margin of the hill
A sign of the loss a friend
Don't cry for the scars in your body
The bravery warrior's trophy
Scream for pain but don't worry
Because you are an adventurer

Return to your home
Your duty is execute
The world is not alone
But other battle is calling again

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