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The glory now is all in your soul
Your enemies were completely defeated
There's no Troy
All was destroyed
The blood drips from your hands
Greece is victorious, and you can get back to your home

But you said that didn't need the help of the gods
This was your mistake, 'cause you have to cross the sea
Poseidon heard these words
Prepare your sword
He promised to punish you
And said that you'll never see Ithaca again

Ulysses is lost in the dark and cold sea
Fighting against the Cyclops and Mermaids, he must resist
Ulysses, they want to get your kingdom
Go to the land of the deads and Teresias show you the way
Come back to Penelope and save your beloved land

Alone in the darkest night
Your soldiers were killed by the monster of the sea
Poseidon said that he doesn't want to kill you
He only wants that you suffer
Lost in the sea until the end of your life

But you are strong and never surrender
Twenty years late you finally find the way
Together with your son you killed everyone
That wished to steal your kingdom
The kingdom, which you made with your own hands

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