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Spend Another Minute - text


He takes his time and her patience
wears thin and wears her out.
He came along and opened up her mind,
and up and gone, she must journey on,
lifted away to another world.

Spend another minute here.
Try not to press me farther.
(Farther than I want to give)
You must be free, I must not fear,
but another minute and I'll be gone,
another second and you'll be callin'.

Wind rips his hair like a lion.
Same breeze dries a river and she drives home.
So call me back, call me up, instigate something.
Lift me away to another world.

She pretends that she is not listening
when he turns around and calls her name.
And he contends that he's not the one who's changed.
She defends and stakes her ground.

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