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Live Alive - text


*All right*

Take me
a renegade and leave me
A hundred miles from home and
stone love.
Can't you leave us something to be
proud of?
Dignified, gentrified, and boring.

We believe, we believe in our only son.
We'll believe, we'll believe when he's all done,
Slip away, slip away from the motion,
I've been tryin' to reach out for something for so long.

(Live alive) Live alive or don't you live at all.
(Live alive) Live a life of love or take the fall.
(Live alive) Find in me what you need to be strong.
I'll wait, but I would rather live just for this moment.

Take me
apart and put me back
Once and for all loose of this
I'm goin' out once and
Gone for good, but if I could, I'd do it again.

And I might be the only
one who feels so low.
You got me movin' so fast
but I gots to take it slow.

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