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You can feel the flood
tearing us apart.
Reach for something to hold
as you're carried away.

Look in my eyes, they will show
I'm not long for this life.
Liquid life pours sweeter than wine.
Only I know.

How can I stop the water
from rushing inside my head?
Not for the truth which will bury us deep,
entangled with something below.

Now your pillow is empty,
no warmth to this room.
Winter came early this year winter's chill
sends me further away.

Who made you God?
What right do you have?
Just take what you want and go.
Run with contempt.
Damn all we had.
You're nothing besides what you know.

So now what?
I see you in the mirror.
Tell me lies like you used to.
Leave me aching this way.

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