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Even Though - text


Endless grey thoughts lead me to the open mind
where I find rest. (in uncertainties)
There I walk within walls inscripted
and those who sought their best. (in uncertainties)

I came for more.
I want my own sedation
for the broken side of me
that stills my will.

Even though I walk all alone
I hold on, hold on.
I'll find my strength,
and hold on.

Years had left here,
I see the time where I had opened up.
Now I stand and gaze on other shadows
to fear, to hear, to touch.

And as I gaze I see her there,
uncertain as I am.
She eases the lonely side of me,
so I stayed, but she still passed.

So I whispered this to God,
that I do not understand why I'm so alone.
Visions of my love remind me...

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