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Weaving the Summer - text

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Hail to the summer, hail to the summer
the season that drives the cold winter away
Hail to the summer, hail to the summer
light your bonfire today is Beltaine
Chorus 2
High on Mount Caburn we look down on Tolkien land
the mist rolls away catch the sun on the sea
the ring of the morris bells brings on the May morning
set free your spirit come dance up the dawn
Down west in Padstow the wee 'oss spins round and round
fired by the teaser who's calling him on
the rhythm of the drums in the hills up above the town
brings out the people for dancing and song
Chorus 1 & 2
In the old town of Hastings the streets lie in wait today
garlands of ivy and flowers are seen
we'll look for the man who wears a green leafy coat
release the summer please Jack In the Green
Chorus 1 & 2

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