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Green shadows bow to the rising sun
By the way the ancient track way runs
Cool mist dances in the morning light
And skips around the stones
He walks upon the forest path
The antlered one with oaken staff
Stories lie where his feet pass
Among the roots and rocks and bones
The legend whispers through the leaves
Visions in the sunlight weave
The waking of the day reveals
Where the magic lies
On the threshold between the worlds he stands
Guardian of these hidden lands
The greenwood's call at his command
'Tween water earth and sky
Spirits of the wild the ancient folk
Who dwell beneath the leafy cloak
Of eucalypt red gum elm and oak
And dance the shadowed pathway
Hear the dreaming lines they sing
In this realm of the woodland king
You know the Green Man's song will bring
You through the sylvan doorway

Text přidala WhiteCorco

Video přidala Caetrin

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Through A Sylvan Doorway


Spiral Dance texty

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