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The strongest times
Are a passage of fight
When you believe
You're a great rebel knight
The only ward
Is the right to conquest
Don't be the guest,
Of your worst fear mask

It's what they wait for:
To snake in your dreams
Get the frustration
In the old dark abyss
It's not the moment to cry,
You must praise
Yourself for (the) first time,
Facing a real sight

So you're feeling
Loaded by the power of a beast
An electric flat,
You're the hammer of the wind

Across the endless lake of eternity
Resurrection comes
From the further sands of my shined life
Across the endless lake of eternity
Resurrection comes
Oracle please light my eyes in proud
The dark is creeping more and more

No false pray, temptation:
The sadist pleasure
You've ever been
My blindness,
Was made by the love for you
My princess,
Too much love can damage too...
No strange thought,
You can't get fool us,
You'll be fucked
And see, how I...
I could be dangerous for you...

Across the…

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Horns of Silence

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